On March 15, 2016, the Company announced that it had opened a new division focusing on the purchase of new and used oilfield equipment.

The Company's new division will look to purchase new and used oilfield equipment from those Operators and Supply shops either going out of business or looking to move supply at distressed prices. The Company will focus on the states of Kentucky, Tennessee and West Virginia for the near term. Through an agreement with a financing entity, the Company will be allotted capital to purchase and store or purchase and flip the acquired equipment.

The Company will look to purchase in-ground and above-ground completion components including but not limited to: service rigs, work-over rigs, rods, tubing, pump-jacks, pumps, cups, polish rods, valves, fittings and tanks. The Company is currently out for bid on four lots of equipment after a successful bid last week. The Company will provide further information on its website for sellers of equipment.